About us

Nothing replaces hands-on experience from both human and professional perspectives. As of now, 48 years of it between the two of us.

We were lucky enough to be part of a generation that established the communication industry in Romania. We both started our corporate stints in 1993.¬† “We” meaning¬†Daniel Gavrila (GLUE founder in 2007) and Sorin Axinte (GLUE partner since 2008).

From the beginning, we were focused on strategy – branding, marketing, communication. We are adamant in understanding the businesses, the people behind it (the organizations employing us) and the people in front of it (the customers). Once we align the brands, the business strategy and the organizational culture with the market, everything bonds together.

Today, we’re creating and overseeing strategies and communication campaigns for a few select organizations.

In 2014 we started to seriously get involved in start-ups. Now we’re leading new companies and projects in digital transformation and hardware-focused technology.

Our mission remains the same: bonding new ideas with the right people.