What you can see above is a simulation for the functioning of an ORBITING CUBES chain – a robotic self-structuring system (yes, this is engineering jargon).  But watch the animation again: the chain of automated “bricks” can transform itself into a vertical pillar, without outside drive or exterior guides.

The brain behind the research and the prototype is Radu Apetroaia, our Engineering partner.

For a demonstration of the principle and of the functioning of the basic “cell” – two cubes linked together –  we manufactured a real-life prototype which demonstrates three unique features of our design:

  1. The whole mechanical assembly is contained entirely inside the “cubes”.
  2. The “cubes” preserve attitude while performing the orbiting motion.
  3. There’s one single source of rotation generating the square output trajectory.

We couldn’t find such a mechanism or an existing patent – therefore we have started the patenting process through WIPO.

We’re currently studying a few areas of application:

  • adaptive architecture (variable geometry buildings or structures, leading to variable functionality)   
  • outer space logistics and deployment of automated structures
  • robotics and complex machine tools (industrial production)
  • automated storage systems without external support structures
  • high-end watch-making

We’re looking for partners to develop the technology and the business.

Here is our first prototype demonstrating the basic concept: a square trajectory generated from a single rotating source.

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